DJ Warp - Tonkotsu Factory EP

by Elektrax Music



‘Tonkotsu Factory’, such an aptly named release that can be so stark, sometimes Industrial, always techno and always tasty.

From the title track, with its lo-fi machine like sounds, funky droning basses and galloping percussion to ‘Minimarhythm’, track 2, introduced by a gurgling bassline, pumping kick and machine driven percussion that builds and builds. To the final track, ‘Typhoon’, a minimal edged track that grinds its way to the DJ Warp trademark breakdown that introduces a synth line and percussion that will hit the dancefloor with galeforce devastation and tear it up all over again when the ‘aftermath’ kicks in.

The ‘Tonkotsu Factory EP’ serves it up to you non-stop on a conveyor belt of funk! Tasty.

Styles: Techno - Funky, Minimalistic, Hard


released April 7, 2009

Cat Number: elek028
featuring: DJ Warp
Label: Elektrax Recordings



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